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The lawyers of Roy M. Bowes & Associates are experienced in a variety of areas of practice involving family law cases, Wills & successions, personal injury, collection, business law, and more. Our experience and diverse client base provides us the privilege to serve people from all walks of life. Whatever your legal situation, we strive to make the process as timely and stress-free as possible. When necessary, we will zealously pursue your claim or vigorously defend you in and out of court, fighting to get the results you deserve. If for whatever reason our firm is not able to personally help you, we can refer you to a local and national network of attorneys.

Family Law

Our law firm has over 40 years of experience in resolving all types of family law cases, including divorce, whether contested or non-contested. Divorce is a major life transition; while it marks the end of one part of your life, it is also the beginning of another. There are many related legal factors that come into play, such as division of property and child custody agreements. We work out and seek to obtain the best arrangement that benefits your family.

We also work with soon to be married couples to draft pre-nuptial agreements which protect each spouse in the event of a divorce or death of a spouse who has child(ren) from another union. Further, we are experienced in the division of property that has been obtained by the parties either inside or outside of a marriage.

As previously mentioned in other areas of this website, Roy M. Bowes is trained and qualified in the collaborative law process. Mr. Bowes is a registered qualified Mediator, often appointed by the courts to mediate all family law issues. With the consent of the parties, the collaborative process or mediation can be pursued to avoid the high cost of the traditional “in court” litigation. This saves time and money for the family, while creating a less stressful situation.

We appreciate the opportunity to obtain custody rights for parents of children born outside of marriage, or grandparents who are involved in the rearing of children, but have been denied their rights of visitation.

The law firm of Roy M Bowes & Associates also is experienced in domestic abuse, which involves criminal charges and restraining orders, depending on the situation. We work with victims, as well as those who have been charged with domestic violence, with the best interest of the children always at the forefront.

Finally, we handle interdiction cases for the protection of critically ill or handicapped family members.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Roy M. Bowes & Associates provides estate planning legal services, that includes the preparation of a Will, the drafting of Durable Power of Attorneys (General and Special), the execution of a Living Will (Dying Declaration) and the probate of Successions, both simple and under administration. We also prepare Trust agreements, whether it be a Living Trust or a Trust that forms a part of your Last Will. A Last Will, which incorporates a Trust, can be beneficial for a Testator who has significant assets and/or life insurance policies and he/she desires to protect a surviving spouse, but allocate the distribution of assets at various ages or other circumstances of his/her child(ren).



When it comes to business law, we work with clients facing a breach of contract, especially breach of construction contracts. If one party breaches the contract, the other can sue for damages, which is where we step in to help. We’ll get you the money you need to continue with your business or repair the damage caused by construction work that is less than satisfactory. The damages recovered must be forseeable by the breaching party. For example, an expert is often needed to assist the homebuyer/owner in calculating the cost to repair or complete the project. We know how to prepare the evidence to expedite and obtain the recovery you deserve.


Our law firm has the privilege of representing numerous credit unions. We have the skill to recover assets, seize vehicles, foreclose on homes and protect debtor rights.

Personal Injury, Auto Accident, Auto Defects & Property Damage Claims

Personal Injury

Roy M. Bowes & Associates works with victims of auto accidents to get them the compensation they need to repair or replace their vehicle and collect pain and suffering damages. If you have purchased a vehicle that is defective, you may have rights under the law to obtain a reduction in the sales price or to demand that the seller take the vehicle back with a return of the purchase price, less certain expenses.

We are experienced in handling property damage claims, whether it be to your home, business or vehicle, which results from fire, vandalism, hurricane or other unforeseen circumstances. Roy M. Bowes was appointed by the State of Louisiana Insurance Commissioner to mediate over 350 cases of hurricane insurance claims.


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